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success stories told by the real  leaders of the market

Our famous colleagues can boast of megabytes of sugar-sweet laudations created by their PR services, but one can’t argue with the facts: the Ultima solutions are used by the leaders in their market segments:


A properly organized introduction of the Ultima solutions takes, on the average (meaning up  to 200 users; the organization of the customer’s business processes is not very different from those common for this market), no more than 3-4 months.
Prooflinks: one  and  two.

Why? Because:

Licensing costs and special payment  terms

1300 euro for an achievement-oriented (NOT just bearing a name!) user (excluding any configuration and optional components’ costs; click here for details).

In addition to the multiple advantage of the price compared to SAP, MS and other  Siebels, Ultima supplies you with:

  • unique (for our market) conditions enabling the customers to pay for the licenses as follows: the payment  is carried out after the entry into operation (with the possibility of a long-term  payment in installments),
  • most of the project costs are also paid by the client after the solution enters the commercial operation,
  • non-defeatable guarantee of  the project success (= client satisfaction): money-back. You tried it, you didn’t like it? — Without further ado we will give back even that small amount of the prepayment which was transferred by the client before the launch.

Details — see the same link.

Transparent conditions of the affiliate program and the commercial viability guarantees

Ultima exerts a strict control over the conditions of transactions for its own products; our partners have a guarantee protection against dumping: theoretical profit may be less than the actual profit solely as a result of a poorly organized fixed price project.

Short implementation period allows our partners  to provide rationale for their potential customers as to the reasonable limits  for the implementation budgets – NOT to the detriment of the partners’ own profits: the hourly rates for the services are inflexibly fixed.

Similarly, due to the combination of the already mentioned developers’ productivity at Ultimate Solid and the fixed highly-profitably rates for the services, the partners of the Ultima company are happy to see the high level of income that the maintenance process brings — and the clients are happy because of the low TCO.

Details — on the partner site.